Rimon Guimaraes


(text previously published at Juxtapoz website)

Rimon is a young and talented artist from Curitiba, Brazil. His artwork often shows organic traces, hybrid forms and bold characters in a beautiful and unique style. Rimon’s first interests on art came from comic books/manga and graffiti, but now he also seeks influences on primitive art, Maya culture and botanic illustrators, such as Ferdnad Bauer and Ernest Haeckel. “I’m influenced by everything around me. I’m hyper sensible, that’s why I like to have a great contact with nature. Nature organization is a huge influence”, he says.


Rim’s works can be seen in the streets and in exhibitions around the country, as the solo “Madrugada” (2007) at Polinesia gallery in Sao Paulo; “Voluvel” (2008) together with Pjota at the Parana’s MAC, in Curitiba, and in the group show TRANSFER (2008), at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre.




As an artist, Rimon is also member of the Interlux collective, a group of friends/artists/musicians/philosophers/activists who promote actions related to the urban space, with a situationist inspiration. Interlux actions create an atmosphere that involves and engage other people. “Our first actions seemed like crazy parties”, he explains.



Besides Interlux, he works along three friends on Banzai Studio, a multidisciplinary creative studio, mixing commercial and personal projects on motion design, illustration, film, graffiti, and so on. With Banzai, Rim worked with clients as MTV, Listen Skateboards and Pernod Ricard. He also had a Nike SB limited shoe, together with the skateboarder Rodrigo Petersen, and works closely with the up and comming Brazilian skateboard shoes brand Öus.






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